KS Product

The KS product is generally used to refine mineral oil as well as some chemical substances.

  • 1-Various types of KS

    KS (grade), based on all general and economical specifications, is divided into two main sub-grades:

    (1) Super grade, including  , KS1, ,KS2, KS4,KS5,KS7,KS8, KS9

    (2) Special grade


  • 2-Special grade

Application of KS types: refining oil (and refining some chemical substances) may be done in one, two or more phases with one or two various soil grades as follows:

 (1)KS1 and KS7 is used in all the phases of refining recycled oil, gasoil.

(2) KS8  and KS9 for solid paraffin and one stage of refining liquid paraffin and vazeline

(3) KS2   and KS5 for liquid paraffin and vazeline

(4) KS4 for soap production .

2-4 The special type: In order to comply with a consumer’s order we can produce and customize the product based on our advice and guidelines. This is for the super grade. Hence special grades will be produced.


3- Chemical analysis:

Average Chemical analysis (based on the oxide of ingredients) of KS grades are as follows:

  1. SiO2                           %68.09
  2. AL2O3                       %9.78
  3. Fe2O3                         %0.84
  4. CaO                             %1.15
  5. Mgo                          %1.82
  6. Na20                           %0.33
  7. K2O                             %0.71
  8. 8.L.O.I.                        %0.06
  9. Mno                          %0.01

10.Tio2                         %0.08

     11.S                              %0.72

     12.L.O.I                         %0.72

4 - Mineralogic analysis:

This product mainly consists of argil minerals, the major part of which is Montmorilonite. The other minerals are silicate (Silos), “fold spats”as well as tiny amount of plaster and lime.


5- Physical Specifications:

(1)Colour: White – gray

(2)Appearance: Powder

(3)Solubility: Not soluble in water

(4)Moisture Content: %8 to %10 (2h,110c)

(5)PH: 3-3.5 (%2 solution)

(6)Free acidity: less than 0.2  as sulfur  acid

(7)Special weight: 450 – 600 gr/L

(8) Particle size : more than 90% pass through 200 mesh size

6- Efficacies of KS

Compared with the imported ones this type of soil enjoys the highest quality:

(1)The highest strength in absorption of tiny suspended particles

(2)The highest strength in bleaching (discolouring)

(3)The highest strength in reduction and omitting P.A.H and sulfur compounds

(4)The highest strength in absorption of heavy or poisonous metals


(5) The colour not returning

(6) High filtration speed

(7) Minimum absorption of oil

7- Optimized bleaching condition when using KS:

Obviously, depending on the various processes of diversified oils, the operation conditions of applying this soil vary. But in general you should observe the following factors according to the Nature of your  raw material:

Temperature during the process of Bleaching

Contact time of earth - oil

The way in wich bleaching earth and oil are mixed together

The amount of acid consumed during the entire filtering operation

 The amount of lime consumed during the entire filtering operation




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