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Consumers of our products may contact us  and/or ajancy anytime by either visiting our website or calling us on phone.

(1)For placing orders for various types or a specific type of soil depending on type of oil and/or a production unit’s conditions

(2)For troubleshooting and removal of any potential problem during the production process

(3)To seek necessary advice and consultation

(4)To send any suggestions about our products or to criticize the products

(5)To request any scientific, laboratory and applied documents, documentation, certificates, permits, etc.

(6)To visit our factory and to witness the factory’s scientific and  capabilities

(7)Other relevant cases

Thanks to our veteran advisors who are expert in the field of all kinds of oil and our laboratory, as well as the labs with which we have contract, we will do our best to fulfill our duties in the shortest possible time aimed at meeting your requirements and better serving you.

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